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Giving Voice to a Silenced LGBTQ Community

An exhibition of artworks woven from photographic prints and fabric is currently on view at Yossi Milo Gallery.

Made by Kyle Meyer, who has worked between eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) and New York City since 2009, the portraits in Interwoven infuse digital photography with traditional Swazi crafts and give voice to silenced members of eSwatini’s LGBT community. “Tension between the necessity of the individuals to hide their queerness for basic survival and their desire to express themselves openly inform both the subject and the means of fabricating Meyer’s unique works,” writes the gallery in a statement.

Each piece in the show comes from a labor intensive process that takes days to weeks to complete. The subjects, all of which are men, first select a colorful head wrap to wear (traditionally worn by women in eSwatini). Meyer then produces a large-scale print of the portrait and hand-shreds the photograph and the fabric from the head wrap. Next, he weaves the strips of photo and fabric together, and with the final portrait he presents each man’s individuality and beauty while the fabric acts a screen to protect his identity.

By Kyle Meyer
Yossi Milo Gallery
Through December 8, 2018

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