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© Dotan Saguy
"Hello Sunshine." Jenna carefully watches two giant boa constrictors that their owner—a street performer she barely knows—entrusted to her. © Dotan Saguy

New Images of Venice Beach by Dotan Saguy

August 3, 2018
© Burt Glinn
“A chess interlude during a break in the revelry at the Blackhawk,” a San Francisco jazz club. Glinn wrote, “For the Beats, jazz is almost food and drink.”

Big Beat

July 30, 2018
Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 210-G-C471
Sacramento, California. College students of Japanese ancestry who have been evacuated from Sacramento to the Assembly Center, 1942. Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 210-G-C471

Dorothea Lange’s America

June 26, 2018
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