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Kayapó children play behind a waterfall in the Kuben-Kran Ken village (southern Pará State). The Kayapó’s territory is the largest tropical protected area in the world, more than 3.2 million ha of forest containing many endangered species. It serves as a crucial barrier to deforestation. © Tommaso Protti for Fondation Carmignac

Photojournalist Tommaso Protti’s Chronicle of Amaz...

November 29, 2019 Documentary/Photojournalism
baking, cream, biscuit, Food Styling by Lucy-Ruth Hathaway
Drip -- Image 1 Food Styling by Lucy-Ruth Hathaway, Photography by Aaron Tilley, Food Styling by Lucy-Ruth Hathaway, Photography by Sun Lee.

The A-Z Of Food Styling

November 21, 2019 Food
© Chris de Bode
A taxi driver, mechanic, Michael Jackson or Ronaldo. Blaise Bedzermitki Leveltson (12) is from Haiti. He was deeply traumatized by the 2010 earthquake but is an active & happy boy. Blaise has many dreams. He'd like to become a driver or a mechanic but he also admires Michael Jackson & Ronaldo. "Well, I dream about so many things. If I really had to choose I would struggle. If I'm being sensible I should be a driver, but I also dream about being like Michael Jackson. It's hard to choose." © Chris de Bode

This One’s For The Dreamers Out There…

November 18, 2019 Portraits/Portraiture
© Gideon Mendel
Activists during a mass political funeral for youths slain in the so-called ‘grenade incident” which took place in Duduza Township. Eight activists were killed when an undercover agent gave them booby-trapped hand grenades - East Rand, Gauging, July 1985. From the series “Damage” © Gideon Mendel

Freedom Or Death

November 14, 2019 Fine Art
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