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Surf Party

The second exhibition featuring work by Anthony Friedkin opens tonight at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. Titled The Surfing Essay, the show consists of 50 black and white photographs documenting Southern California’s surfing culture over the past 45 years.

A native of Southern California and a life long surfer, The Surfing Essay explores the daily life, the lifestyle, and the spiritual life of Friedkin and his comrades. “The stereotyped blonde and bronzed teen at sunset is not to be found in The Surfing Essay,” writes the gallery in the press release. Friedkin captures his fellow surfers partying, sharing drugs, having sex, and living their lives, often with grit and recklessness.

Several images of waves are also included in the exhibition. Some of the waves are peaceful, while others are fierce; almost all are hypnotizing. These images are an integral part of Friedkin’s experience as he akins photographing, surfing and being surrounded by waves to a spiritual experience.

The opening reception is tonight, November 8, 2018, from 6-8pm at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

The Surfing Essay
By Anthony Friedkin
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
November 8-December 21, 2018

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  1. What a great photo series from the glory days of California surf/skate culture. Anthony Friedkin’s series The Gay Essay is another great set of images worth taking a look at.

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