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Intimate (and Colorful) X-Rays

Most of us only see X-rays while negotiating airport security or during an uncomfortable visit to the doctor. The meddlesome, monochromatic images aren’t something we typically covet or admire. David Arky sees something else in X-ray images – artistry. On January 9, Fremin Gallery will open “Sights Unseen,” an exhibition of Arky’s vivid X-ray photographs.

For Arky, one of a few photographers to see the potential of X-rays, “The discovery of the revealing contours and textures not yet examined by the naked eye unlocked a secret and intimate world that fascinated him,” writes Fremin Gallery in the press release. In his latest series, Arky experimented with pink, blue, and gray color palettes, creating bold contrasts to routine black-and-white X-rays.

A union between art and technology, Arky’s images confess a hidden world and invite viewers to see each object anew. A golf bag holding dollar bills in its depths; a woman’s purse concealing a revolver; pill bottles, keys and iPhones revealing intricate innards. With shades of voyeurism, the photographs allow personas –– of people and possessions –– to be conceived from the inside out.

“Sights Unseen”
By David Arky
Fremin Gallery
January 9 – February 8, 2020

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