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© Jacobia Dahm
Isabel, 32, Dublin: Voting Yes. I’m voting Yes because from reading and listening to women’s stories, I think the situation as it is now is causing suffering and adding trauma to already difficult situations. I’ve done some campaigning and I know there are a lot of undecided people who are genuinely torn. It’s not an easy issue at all but I think it’s something the country has to face up to. © Jacobia Dahm

Photographing the High Stakes of Ireland’s Abortio...

August 17, 2018 Portraits/Portraiture
Inside Fusis and Johannas house. Most of the rooms are not used since their children moved elsewhere. Fusi's father who lived until he was 99, wrote books about Mjoifjordur and researched the lineage of Solbrekka's residents. From The Priest's Ravine by Marzena Skubatz.

A Portrait of An Eight-Person Town

July 19, 2018 Landscape
© H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images
UNITED STATES - Circa 1950s: Woman Sun Bathing On Green Mat By Edge Side Of Pool Water Recline Holding Beach Ball By Her Side Relax. © H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

Pools in Pictures

July 4, 2018 Historical
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