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The Road Less Traveled

Jérémy Saint-Peyre’s “The Withered Corpses: The Road” documents what was once the longest road in France: the Nationale 7, a 620-mile thoroughfare that stretches from the Porte d’Italie in Paris to the French/Italian border in Menton, France. The Nationale 7 passes through several landmarks and cities such as the Fontainebleau forest, Moulins, Lyon, Avignon, and Nice, and has slowly been replaced by France’s expansion of highways, railroads and airports. Only half of the Nationale 7 remains open after closures in 2005. “The Withered Corpses: The Road” is a long-term project that Saint-Peyre continues to work on. He said in a statement that the purpose of the series “is to identify buildings or groups of buildings whose function was to provide a public service that is no longer offered.”


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  1. Nice job. There are a lot of places in US that look like these photos. I hate to see the old way of life disappear in favor of the fast-paced, traffic-jammed city life we have in their place today.

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