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The Revolution Will Be Photographed: Flip Schulke’s Shots of the 1960s


Photojournalist Flip Schulke (1930-2008) is best known for his images chronicling the civil rights movement, including photographing subjects like Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali. He began as a freelance photographer working for LIFE magazine and other U.S. and European publications in the early 1950s. His assignments ranged from Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba and space shuttle launches to portraits of Elvis Presley. Even though Schulke was on assignment photographing famous people and historical events all over the world he never forgot his family. Schulke married Donna Schulke in 1990 and became a father figure and mentor to her son, Joe Toreno, who is now following in his footsteps. “Flip showed me his photos and told me how he was paid to travel around the world and experience so many amazing events,” says Toreno, a professional photographer based in Los Angeles. “When I got my first photo published in a magazine I don’t know which one of us was more excited. I truly love my job and I don’t think it would have been possible without my mentor, Flip.”

Rediscover Schulke’s iconic photos of the famous boxer in the exhibit “Float Like A Butterfly: Photographs of Muhammad Ali by Flip Schulke 1961-1964,” which is currently on view at the Keith De Lellis Gallery in New York City through August 15, 2013.

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