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New Street Types


Alice Austen’s groundbreaking portfolio “Street Types of New York” from 1894, marks her as one of the earliest female street photographers who captured the changing face of the city’s working class just before the turn of the century. Today a new generation of photographers continues her legacy of documenting the ever-changing city. This exhibition includes work by: Alice Austen, Chris Arnade, Alice Attie, Dmitry Gudkov, Peter Funch, Andy Jones, Wayne Lawrence, Erica McDonald, Greg Miller, Christina Paige, Susanna Ray, Richard Renaldi, Ruddy Roye, Geordie Wood, and AnRong Xu.

“Street Types of New York” is on view through September 29th, 2013, at Alice Austen’s historic home at 2 Hyland Boulevard on Staten Island. For more information about the museum, visit the website.

– Courtesy of the Alice Austen House Museum

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