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Bristol: A Typology in Street Portraits

Throughout his career, Dutch artist Hans Eijkelboom has explored the relationship between appearance and identity. Consisting of street photography done on city sidewalks, his projects are simple and engaging, yet also address deep questions about globalization and the individual’s agency and choice within contemporary society.

New work by Eijkelboom, photographed in Bristol, England, over 11 days in July 2019, will go on display at the Martin Parr Foundation on January 22. The images, presented as typologies, show a “snapshot of the people of Bristol at this one particular point in time,” writes Martin Parr Foundation in the press release.

“Street Fusion: Bristol in 2019” is comprised of over 750 photographs and forms Eijkelboom’s first solo exhibition in the UK. The photographs will be organized in a grid of three lines, creating “superficial visual connections” between the subjects. 

“The basis of the exhibition,” says Eijkelboom, “is the question: Which is more important for forming our image of the word – the isolated moment or the continuous flow of more or less repeating images that come to us every day?”

For the project, Eijkelboom worked methodically in the center of Bristol, England, selecting a busy pedestrian area and staying there from 30 minutes to a few hours. Like an anthropologist, he observed common types and trends among the people passing by: transparent raincoats, colored hair, small dogs in arms, street food in hand. 

Of Eijkelboom, Martin Parr says, “If I were a visitor from another planet looking for information on the nature of city life, I would engage the services of Eijkelboom.”

“Street Fusion: Bristol in 2019”
By Hans Eijkelboom
Martin Parr Foundation
January 22 – March 14, 2020
Opening Reception January 1, 2020

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