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After the Wall

After the Wall


Mig-21, Mongolia. © Eric Lusito

Traveling through Russia and the former satelite states of the Soviet Union—from East Germany to Mongolia, from Poland to the far reaches of Kazakhstan—Eric Lusito sought to photograph the abandoned Soviet miltary bases that were left behind as the remnants of a fallen Empire. From its creation in 1961, the Berlin Wall became emblematic of the divide between the West and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War—when it came down in 1989, it signalled the collapse of Soviet hegemony over the Eastern Bloc. After the Wall, just published by Dewi Lewis, is Eric Lusito’s photographic record of the land and architecture—haunted by the symbols and history of a once powerful Empire.

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1 Comment

  1. It has been some time i follow Eric’s work, and i am still amazed by his work. He has been concentrating on a side that only a few great eyes have seen. I just hope he will be continuing his journey the way he is oding, for our pleasure.
    Great work, Eric !

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