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Zora J Murff Looks at the Criminalization of Blackness

In Collaboration with the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art at Colorado State University, The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP) presents Re-Making the Mark by Zora J Murff. The exhibition, which opens on May 31, couples archival photographs and artifacts with Murff’s documentation of the fallout from redlining in a historically black neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska.

The scope of Re-Making the Mark is the criminalization and Othering of blackness in America and the relationship between “fast” violence, such as murder and lynching, and “slow” violence, like the practice of redlining. The materials on display drive home the continued theft of black life by white hands and provide a deeper understanding of systematic white supremacy and the resulting violence.

Murff explains: “Re-Making the Mark prompts inquiry into how racial violence has been recorded through images, and how these same images can be used to interrupt collective belief.” 

Zora J Murff is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Arkansas. He received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and holds a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. His work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and featured in many prominent publications.

The preceding exhibition presented by the museum and C4FAP, To Survive on This Shore by Jess T. Dugan, is on display through May 18. The show features photographs and interviews with transgender and gender nonconforming older adults.

Re-Making the Mark
By Zora J Murff
May 31 – September 6, 2019
Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, Colorado State University
In collaboration with The Center for Fine Art Photography
For Re-Making the Mark programming please visit C4FAP

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