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The Devastation of Asbestos by Louie Palu

Following the immense popularity of the April release of A Field Guide to Asbestos by Louie Palu, Yoffey Press is publishing a second edition of the book in June. Available for pre-sale now, A Field Guide to Asbestos documents the devastating effects of this industrial poison on people and the landscape in the U.S., U.K., Canada and India. 

Created over the course of 15 years, Palu’s investigative work is a window into the lives of people living with mesothelioma. Palu has reported on asbestos in India, shipyards in Scotland, and ground zero in New York City where the collapse of the World Trade Center resulted in the release of hundreds of tons of this known carcinogen on an entire city.

An artist’s book designed after an industrial manual, A Field Guide to Asbestos was created to help workers understand the dangers of asbestos. In addition to the photographs, the book features easily digestible facts and graphics that highlight the key issues around asbestos, as well as visuals explaining safety measures in the presence of the toxin.

A Field Guide to Asbestos shows that asbestos is not an issue of the past, though many believe it is. The use of asbestos continues to cause illness, death and environmental havoc. Palu’s work gives a face to the statistics and visualizes the human tragedy associated with those affected.

A Field Guide to Asbestos
Second Edition
By Louie Palu
Yoffy Press

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