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Manufacturing the Milky Way

Oakland-based artist Vanessa Marsh created galaxies and nightscapes by combining painting, drawing and darkroom techniques. These large-format C-prints envelop the viewer, transporting them into the universe. Because the prints are so large, it’s possible (and was the artist’s intention) to see Marsh’s hand-crafted work. “Upon closer inspection, small inconsistencies start to appear; an edge of Mylar or a bend in one of the paper masks used to create the layers of mountains,” Marsh said in a statement about the series, “Falling.”

Images from the series almost imitate images from NASA, but exactness was not her intention. “The inconsistencies in the images point to the original inspiration for the work. I have long had an amateur interest in cosmology and physics and, like many, can be mesmerized by the images that come back to us from deep space telescopes.” Marsh’s intention with the images was to create a space for the viewer to “contemplate their own personal place in the universe.”

“Falling” is currently on view at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco through January 3, 2015 as part of their artist-in-residence program. Also on view is work by fine art photographer Jessica Skloven.

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