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The Power of the Image in Beijing

Now through May 31st, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven is home to a memorable photography exhibition—”The Power of the Image.” The show, organized by the Beijing Fuhai Culture Company and Kodak Alaris, features more than 200 photographs by 20 internationally-renowned professional photographers, including Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Pep Bonet, Michael Crouser, Lauren Greenfield, Peter Guttman, Matthew Jordan Smith, Nadav Kander, Frederic LaGrange, Yann Layma, Roman Loranc, Gerd Ludwig, Steve McCurry, Eric Meola, Sylvia Plachy, John Sexton, Eddie Soloway, Art Streiber, Joyce Tenneson, Art Wolfe and Qin Yuhai.

“The birth of photography was a great revolution, exerting a profound impact on the development of world civilization,” the organizers said in a press release. “It reflects the world we live in and records realities. The project will encourage more people to pay attention to photography, to learn more about photographers and work together with international photographers and photography organizations to promote the development of photography and photographic exchanges worldwide.”

“The Power of the Image” is hosted by the China Public Relation Association, George Eastman House, and the Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks, Beijing Association of Parks. The exhibition opened on April 25 with an awards ceremony, and related-programming included an exhibition of the “Life Story of George Eastman,” the exhibition “Photography Changed the World,” featuring photographs from the world renowned photography collection at George Eastman House; dialogues with “Power of The Image Award” photographers; and the Workshop of Photographic Preservation and Digital Processing. The organizers plan to host new iterations of the exhibition every other year.

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