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Exploring the Alps

Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri‘s “Alps – Geographies and People” is currently on display at the Yancey Richardson gallery in New York City through November 2, 2013. This project documents the Alps, which is the largest mountain range in Europe, and explores the relationship of the landscape with the climbers who risk it all to make the trek. “The subject of ‘Alps’ is how the mountain is perceived from the climbers’ point of view–its peaks and precipices, the mirages and hallucinations in its geography. In these images, everything is true. The proportions and the forms are real. Even the people and the position they’re in … those, too, are real,” Barbieri said in a statement. The exhibition coincides with the release of the book Site Specific (Aperture, 2013), for which the artist spent ten years photographing more than 40 of the world’s cities from a helicopter. The images in Site Specific, however, were shot with a tilt-and-shift lens that altered the landscape, unlike the realness in “Alps.”

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