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Earth Transformed

Signal Noise by Aaron Rothman is the culmination of a decade of work in the American West. Published by Radius Books, the monograph presents an open-ended meditation on our desire to connect with the natural world, and the limits of our abilities to do so. The photographs are altered with “unconventional digital processing” and ask viewers to “reflect on the nature of individual perceptual experience” and the impact of humanity’s presence in the landscape, states the press release.

The images in Signal Noise are rooted in Rothman’s response to places familiar and meaningful to him, but his interest lies in the transformative rather than the documentary nature of photography. 

Landscapes overtaken by digital noise, layering, erasure, amplification, and interference examine the blurry boundaries between natural and artificial, and between the world and how we perceive it. Interspersed views of desert mountain vistas and dense forests, made with near perfect photographic clarity, anchor the work in the space of the physical world while also casting doubt about what is real and what is a product of  human alteration.

Signal Noise
By Aaron Rothman
Radius Books

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