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Tour de Panoramic (8 Photos)

Tour de Panoramic (8 Photos)


All photos © Paolo Pellizzari. Above: France, Saint Macaire, Tour de France, 2000

In Paolo Pellizzari’s The Broad Way,” the photographer captures bright-colored panoramic landscapes around the world. He uses a Noblex camera, which captures a 135 degree view that corresponds to the natural sweep of the human eye. Rich in detail, each photograph illustrates a scene of daily life, making the viewer feel a part of the scene. Pellizzari’s photos are on view at Anastasia Photo until August 31.

-courtesy of Anastasia Photo

Italy, Saturnia Hot Water Springs January First, 2010

India, Uttar Pradesh, Transit Road, 2001

India, Darjeeling, Chicken Taste, 2002

  India, Chennai, Advertisements, 2001

USA, New York, Flushing Meadows, 2004

Belgium, Damme, Skating on the Canals, 2010

Italy, Torino, Olympic Games Gold medalist Han Xiapeng, 2006

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