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© Evelina Reinhart
Green tea ice cream. Spread from "The Joy of Eating." © Evelina Reinhart

Food Redux

February 13, 2015
© Mark Lipczynski
Left: Rustic Zaatar crusted chicken at Corner Table restaurant. Right: Chef Richard Knight posing in the meat curing room at Feast. Both restaurants are in Houston, Texas. © Mark Lipczynski

Photography Bites

July 16, 2014
© Andrew Newey
Before a hunt can commence the honey hunters are required to perform a ceremony to placate the cliff gods. This involves sacrificing a sheep, offering flowers, fruits and rice, and praying to the cliff gods to ensure a safe hunt. © Andrew Newey

Honey Hunters in Nepal

March 19, 2014
“Egg Crack Crew: Brucie told them production was moving too fast, but they just wouldn’t listen.” © Christopher Boffoli/Courtesy of Workman

Tiny People in a World of Big Food

November 7, 2013
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