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New York’s Historic Cafe Culture in Black-and-White

If you want to know where to eat in Birmingham, or who makes the best pizza in America, check out Eater.com. The popular food website is content-rich, and photo-heavy. The brand was recently purchased by Vox Media (one of the country’s largest online publishers), and is growing exponentially.

Food photographer Daniel Krieger has been working for Eater.com for six years. One of the things he loves about working for them is the creative freedom they give him. “Eater allowed me to recently publish [a story] for a New York City restaurant (Café Edison) entirely in black-and-white. It was the first time I had an assignment in black-and-white for a major publication.” For a shoot like this, a photo essay for “Eater Scenes,” he says, background information on the restaurant is provided by a writer. It’s up to Krieger to tell the visual story with his images.

Working for Eater.com keeps him busy. “With the explosion of the restaurant  industry around the country there’s so much to photograph. I’ve probably shot up to ten assignments in a week, but typically it could be two or three. I have the flexibility with Eater.com to go around the world and shoot just about anything restaurant/chef-related that I find interesting.”

For more on Krieger, check out his website or follow him on Instagram, where Krieger has over 120k followers.

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