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Los Angeles Eats

“I first started photographing food when I was working in a gourmet, architecturally-themed ice cream sandwich truck,” Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot told PDN via email about her work. “I was taking mostly black-and-white portraits at the time and started adding ice cream into a few shots.” She draws her inspiration from her love of food as objects, like the shapes and textures of produce she finds at the grocery store or farmers market. Gonot is also inspired by the east side of Los Angeles and downtown areas. “I love all the hand-painted signs, the cheap produce markets, the wholesale shops (there’s an entire street of almost exclusively piñatas). It’s colorful, chaotic, gritty and I’m hooked.” Gonot says some of her favorite shoots recently have been for Native Shoes, Nasty Gal and NEON though she’s pretty psyched about her show, “L.A. EATS,” at The Box at The Standard. “I’d been wanting to make pictures of Los Angeles foods for a while now so this show was the perfect impetus to do so. Most of the images for the show I made within the past month, except for “La Espiga” (Slide 7). It’s an ode to a great Mexican bakery in Echo Park, Los Angeles that I used to live next to.” Though many of Gonot’s images are food-related and she likes good food, she does not consider herself a “foodie.” “It’s a little funny to me that I’m so drawn to food as a source of inspiration. But maybe not being so great at cooking is what allows me to do this.”  “L.A. EATS” opens this evening at The Standard, Hollywood, with a reception from 7pm – 9pm, and the show is open through mid-February 2014.

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