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Flower Arrangements from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Summer is here and that means nature is blooming. Photography and florals have a rich history, with early artists depending on florals as symbols of renewal and innocence, and to convey beauty.

In her newest series, Out of the Studio, Carolyn Carr conflates the natural world with human construction and identity. Using deliberately arranged flowers, mushrooms, insects, minerals and fruit, Out of the Studio addresses the “struggle to establish personal identity within a cultural landscape,” states the press release by Jackson Fine Art, where Carr’s work is on display through June 29th.

All the plant life in the series is native to the Blue Ridge mountains. Carr makes the photographs outside, using a box easel and natural light to capture the plants slightly removed from their habitat. Depending on the light, the flora prove delicate or foreboding, much like the turns of human nature.

Out of the Studio
By Carolyn Carr
Jackson Fine Art
Through June 29, 2019

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