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The Half King Photo Series Celebrates its Final Event with Images of New York

Tonight the Half King Photo Series will celebrate, and say goodbye to, more than eight years of events with an exhibition opening and party.

The show opening this evening features work by Lauren Welles and will be the 76th and final Half King Photo Series (HKPS) event. The photographs on display are from two of Welles’s ongoing photography projects about the streets of Coney Island and New York City. In each she captures one-off human exchanges, born of odd juxtapositions that metropolis’s expertly harbor. “As with the best street photography, her pictures suggest that there is a higher order governing the ongoing show of public life,” writes Anna Van Lenten, HKPS Curator, in the press release.

Welles says of her practice and New York, “I love this city, its endless vibrancy, and polyrhythms. Like good jazz music, or hearty stew, its the perfect mixture of ‘this and that.’ Of course, it’s the people here that bring those descriptions to life. I love finding everyday scenes and framing them so that the mix of people, expressions, and rhythms creates some kind of spark, thereby conveying the élan of this city.”

The Half King Photo Series first opened in August 2010. Van Lenten will be in conversation with Welles tonight, beginning at 7pm. HKPS’s sister project, LightField, is in its planning phase for 2019 and will share info shortly.

Lauren Welles / NYC: From Beach to Street
Exhibit opening & talk
Moderated by Anna Van Lenten, Half King Photo Series curator
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 7:00 PM at The Half King

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