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Vee Speers on Youth, Glamour, Sex and Immortality

Vee Speers’ stark portraiture, at once classic and futuristic, is currently on display at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia.

The exhibition features a selection of works from “Bulletproof” and Speers’ newest body of work “Dystopia.” Both series refer to the spirit of childhood while confronting modern-age abilities to manipulate reality through technology, as well as intelligence on the horizon.

In “Bulletproof” Speers returns to youthful subjects she photographed seven years ago as children. The series suggests a new strength and resilience with the arrival of adolescence.

The ongoing “Dystopia” presents a variety of “mature subjects grappling with an uncertain future, with their innocence, and some of their humanity, stripped away,” writes the gallery in the press release.

Speers was born in Newcastle, Australia, in 1962. She’s known for her painterly and surreal portraits that tend to investigate themes related to youth, glamour, sex and immortality. She studied photography in Brisbane before moving to Paris in 1990 to work in fashion and photojournalism, where she continues to reside today.

Bulletproof and Dystopia
By Vee Speers
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta
Through September 7th, 2018

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