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Across the Borders

While the massive movement of refugees in the Middle East and Europe is in the headlines, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen’s ambitious exploration of migration through the Americas is on view at the Bronx Documentary Center through December 13. Van Lohuizen traveled from Tierra del Fuego in Chile north to Alaska along the Pan-American Highway, photographing people he met in 15 countries. On a continent that has been receiving migrants from other lands for centuries, van Lohuizen examines why people move across regions and national borders, and also addresses the fates of the indigenous communities that have been displaced by migration.

In “Via PanAm: The Pursuit of Happiness,” van Lohuizen focuses on individuals who have moved for a variety of reasons, including climate refugees trying to shore up their homes against rising seas, people seeking safety after fleeing violence or conflict, and people searching for better economic opportunities. In the years since he began the ambitious project, van Lohuizen has shared the work in a variety of forms, including a book, an interactive app released in 2012 and an exhibition that has been shown around the world. The Bronx Documentary Center, the nonprofit gallery and education center that uses its exhibitions and film screenings to foster discussions around contemporary issues, is displaying several large prints from the traveling show, designed by Jeroen de Vries. —Holly Stuart Hughes

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