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The Real Lives of Dogs

Every year, Brittany McLaren‘s friend photographs his dog eating an In-N-Out burger on the dog’s birthday. Inspired by the project, McLaren composed a series of images of dogs doing what she feels they really do when they’re left alone. After posting a casting call on Facebook and sorting through the responses, McLaren ended up with a set of four character types and breeds: a “princess” Dachshund [Slide 6], a “regal” Alaskan Malamute [Slides 4, 5], a “fancy” pug [Slide 3], and a “quirky” Norwich Terrier [Slides 1, 2]. McLaren built sets and added props with the help of stylist Ronique Currie and an assistant, Audrey Rotermund.

In a blog post about the shoot, McLaren writes that the shoot “was a blast, full of silliness and smiles. Much like photographing babies, one can only relax and laugh through the ridiculousness of the challenges faced on set—a dog shaking off its tiara every five seconds, a dog frightened by the blinding flash of Profoto lights.” For more on the shoot, and some behind-the-scenes photos, please visit McLaren’s blog.

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