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Squared Graphics

Cincinnatti-based photographer Jeremy Kramer recently created a series of graphic, monochrome portraits for his conceptual series, #inverse2014. The setup for the series was fairly simple [see slide 9] Kramer says. He used a white backdrop, lit with two strobes flagged off of the subject, and one strobe with a fill card on the subject. “I wanted the backdrop to be pure white and for the light on the them to just wrap around their face so it was basically all the way to their side,” Kramer told PDN via email. The only light on the subject came from a small, deflated, octobox so, the opening was only about 12 inches.

Kramer came up with the concept after abandoning a different double-exposure portraiture project. “Sometimes as an artist you need to know when to abandon an idea that isn’t working and start fresh,” Kramer says. “Often that leads to something you love even more than your original vision and that’s what happened here.”


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