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Jay Maisel: New York in the ’50s

Photographer Jay Maisel has spent the last 60 years visually documenting New York City. Born in Brooklyn, Maisel studied painting and graphic design at Cooper Union and Yale, and started working with photography in 1954. Since then he’s shot Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, the first two covers of  New York Magazine, album covers, 12 years of advertising assignments for United Technologies. He’s also won many awards, including an Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Media Photographers.

His newest book, Jay Maisel: New York in the ’50s, includes early black-and-white images he made as a new photographer. The 92-page book includes 76 duotone plates, none of which include captions. The images speak for themselves, transporting us back in time.

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  1. All of these are so deep and rich looking. Great slice right here. Even though they are on-line, there is a quality to film and prints that really shine through, hard to describe. Of course, subject matter and composition are key and a lot could be said in that regard. PDN, thanks for putting these “gems” back out there! I look forward to getting getting my copy of the book!

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