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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream is the subject of a new show at Robert Mann Gallery in New York City, opening July 6 and on view until August 18. “I Scream, You Scream” includes images from close to 20 photographers, including Jeff Brouws, Harold Feinstein, André Kertész, Martin Parr and S.B. Walker, who celebrate the “visual and social culture of ice cream,” the gallery writes in a statement. There are black and white street photos showing ice cream as a part of city life, including the image from the cover of Garry Winogrand’s iconic Women Are Beautiful, showing a lady with a half-eaten cone throwing her head back in a smile, and Jill Freedman’s grittier view of graffiti and a group of women in London, one determinedly finishing her cone. More recent images focus on the thing itself. Simone Rosenbauer pictures a melting, chocolate-covered bar against a hot pink background, while PUTPUT plays with expectation, substituting a sponge on a stick for a popsicle. Together, the images explore ice cream’s cheerful and longstanding role as a part of summer.

The gallery hosts a reception for the show on July 6.

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