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Between East and West (7 Photos)

Between East and West (7 Photos)

Marc-Riboud-China-1Beijing China, 1965. © Marc Riboud.

Throughout time, many Western photographers have been fascinated with photographing Eastern culture. French photographer Marc Riboud is no exception. The former Magnum photographer has been training his lens on cultures around the world during his travels throughout the past six decades. An exhibition of his work, which opened January 13 in Dubai, features 27 images from his travel portfolio taken between the western border of the “Far East,” Morocco, and the eastern border, China. The exhibition is on display at The Empty Quarter gallery through February 13.

— Lindsay Comstock

Marc-Riboud-China-Hong-KongBetween Hong Kong & Guangzhou, China, 1957. © Marc Riboud.

Marc-Riboud-Morocco-1 Fez, Morocco, 1971. © Marc Riboud.

Marc-Riboud-China-2  Shenzhen, China, 1993. © Marc Riboud.

Marc-Riboud-Morocco-4Fez, Morocco, 1971. © Marc Riboud.

Marc-Riboud-Morocco-3© Marc Riboud. Fez, Morocco, 1971.

Marc-Riboud-Morocco-2© Marc Riboud. Fez, Morocco, 1971.

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  1. I hate to be a spoilsport here, but what is the connection between Morocco and China except that they’re both non-white? Calling Morocco the western border of the Far East is more than ridiculous. “Surprisingly”, Australia is not included as the eastern frontier of the far east.

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