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Seen and Not Seen (3 Photos)

Seen and Not Seen (3 Photos)

© Ken Rosenthal.Above: Seen and Not Seen, #1311-3 (2001)

Ken Rosenthal: Photographs 2001–2009  is on view at Klompching Gallery until May 19, 2012.

Over the last decade Ken Rosenthal has explored the notion of time, collective memory, fiction and cultural iconography through his use of historic negatives and photographs—specifically imagery from his own family album.  Some of the images are bleached, split-toned and blurred, techniques that complement associations that seem at once shared yet highly personal, unknowable yet familiar. Like memory, his photographs are ethereal and ambiguous.


©Ken Rosenthal. Glamour shot of Old Hollywood style bathing beauty standing by swimming pool.

©Ken Rosenthal. Seen and Not Seen, #174-3 (2001)

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