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Bull Fight (10 Photos)

Bull Fight (10 Photos)

All photos © Gina LeVay. Above: Toro, 2006.

Five years ago, Gina LaVey began documenting female matadors, or las toreras. Through documenting the women’s lifestyles in and out of the ring, LeVay examines the conflict of the female in the midst of a male dominated art and sport steeped in cultural mores. The female matador has faced much opposition in entering the ring, but LeVay brings their strengths and abilities to light. She aims to illuminate the truth of the bullfight for these women by capturing the diametrically opposed elements of brutality and sensuality, drama and harmony that are inherent in this dance of death. LeVay’s exhibition, Bull Fight, is on view at hous projects until June 25, 2011.

-courtesy hous projects’

Reza, 2010

Toledo, 2007

Raquel, 2007

Sara, 2006

M.P.V, 2007

 Después, 2006

Zaragoza, 2006

Melina, 2010

Terceto, 2007

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  1. Eww! Great photos but what does it say about us women? That some of us can be as bloodthirsty as men? I think it’s a horrible thing to do to bulls and I wonder if it’s a good thing to glorify the sport. I mean, there’s enough other stuff out there to shoot.

  2. i think its more about juxtapose the ideas and feelings of sensuality and grace with violence–a meme that is truly interesting to consider when you take into account situations such as bullfighting or domestic abuse. It seems more like a reclamation of culture, heritage and individuality rather than being all about hurting the bull. Though I do agree with you that it is cruel to treat an animal that way.

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