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Michael Kenna’s Fishnet Meditation

Michael Kenna's Fishnet Meditation

Michael Kenna’s Fishnet Meditation
© Michael Kenna. Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago.

Michael Kenna’s “Fishing Nets, Smarlacca, Veneto, Italy, 2006” is part of an upcoming exhibition, Venice/China/Japan/Egypt/Etc., opening at the Catherine Edelman Gallery on May 7, 2010.  Alongside images from Venice, the exhibit will feature photographs from Japan, the Huangshan Mountains in China, the pyramids in Cairo, mussel and oyster beds in the Chausey Islands and rock formations in  Punta Brava. Whether photographing in his  hometown of Seattle or halfway around the world, Michael Kenna has developed a signature style that is un-mistakenly his own. Void of people, he invites viewers to meander with him through places that are both remote and heavily trafficked, reminding us of the beauty we tend to over look. To see more of his work click here.

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