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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Liza Surova, a full-time graphic designer and art director, is passionate about photography and uploads her “best” photos on Tumblr (and Instagram). Surova uses her on-going series, “Forest. Ocean. Repeat.,” as a way to stay connected to her family overseas in Russia. “Skype is a great way to Read More

Past Photos of the Day

© Jack Mitchell/Courtesy Smithsonian Institution
"Revelations - Opening Section of "Pilgrim of Sorrow" danced to "I Been 'Buked," 1961, printed ca. 1992 by Jack Mitchell from Double Exposure: Th...

African American Narratives

February 25, 2015 Historical
© Evelina Reinhart
Green tea ice cream. Spread from "The Joy of Eating." © Evelina Reinhart

Food Redux

February 13, 2015 Food
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