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All Dressed Up with Somewhere To Go

As a child, Spanish photographer Yago Partal was enthralled with animals, cartoons, and fashion. The joining of these three interests eventually led Partal to launch a project called Zoo Portraits in 2013. The project, now available as a book published by teNeues, presents animals in anthropomorphized form, dressed in clothing and accessories meant to reflect the animal’s personality and habitat. Gorou the sea otter is wearing several layers under his knit sweater, while Isabella the barn owl, a nocturnal hunter, is wearing a silky nighttime robe.

But Zoo Portraits is not simply a whimsical look at the humanization of animals. The project, and book, are divided into three main areas: portraits, education, and awareness. The press release states that Partal, “embraces important environmental activism with his form of inventive entertainment. His aim is to increase our awareness of animals who need protection–from the Amur leopard to the plains zebra.”

The question at heart is, “can the task of protecting animal rights and habitats also be fun?” For Partal, the answer  is a resounding “yes.”

-Sarah Stacke

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