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Returning to Poppit Sands

Poppit, a small community in northern Pembrokeshire, Wales, is known for its sandy beach. Homes belonging to year-round residents and vacationers dot the coastline around the beach, and some are hidden within the high sand dunes. Photographer Michael Jackson’s ongoing fascination with Poppit’s ever-changing landscape began seven years ago. He’s photographed the area using a Hasselblad and black and white film. “I believe that a place deserves more attention than a few brief visits,” he told PDN via email. “The way that the tides change everything every day gives me an infinite selection of images to make, and after going there for such a long time your work changes and you begin to see things that you would have normally ignored.” Jackson has no intention of calling an end to the project.

To see more of Jackson‘s work, visit his website or his gallery, Beetles + Huxley Gallery, in London.

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