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Night (and Day) At the Museum

Ever dreamed of prowling through an art museum when no one else is there? Photographer Wijnanda Deroo was able to explore the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam repeatedly during the years it was closed for extensive renovations, from 2004 until it reopened in April 2013. Built in 1856, the museum, home to “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt and “The Milkmaid” by Vermeer, had undergone many additions in the past. The goal of the renovation was modernize its facilities and restore its floor plan to its architect’s original design. Deroo returned several times each year, photographing the progress from demolition to reconstruction. Her images from the project, showing emptied galleries and priceless works of art surrounded by dropcloths, are now on view at Robert Mann Gallery in New York City through March 29. An opening reception will take place February 20.

Throughout her career, Deroo has traveled around the world, photographing interiors. As the gallery says in a statement, “Her images, devoid of people yet full of the vestiges of their presence, are at once intimate and haunting.”

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