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Arthur Meyerson: The Color of Light (10 Photos)

Arthur Meyerson: The Color of Light (10 Photos)

1. Red Hat, Wyoming 1989

© Arthur Meyerson. Red Hat, Wyoming, 1989.

During a 40-year career as a commercial photographer, Arthur Meyerson has continuously created personal images that “are less about technique and more about a pure passion for seeing and capturing what I saw,” he says. That work is gathered in a new book, The Color of Light. Says Meyerson: “While the subject matter is diverse, the pictures are held together by the fact that they are made up of the three themes that interest me the most in photography; light, color and moments. Light produces color. Light can be soft or intense… color can provoke or excite. It can also inform. At their best, light and color can come together at a moment in time and create an atmosphere, emotional response and/or a sense of place. And for me, that is the power and joy of the color of light.”

2. White_Stallion__Mexico__2004

© Arthur Meyerson. White Stallion, Mexico, 2004.

3. Outdoor_Restaurant__Vancouver__2010© Arthur Meyerson. Outdoor Restaurant, Vancouver, 2010.

4. Flea_Market__New_Mexico__1996© Arthur Meyerson. Flea Market, New Mexico, 1996.

5. Window__India__1993© Arthur Meyerson. Window, India, 1993.

6. Motor_Scooter_Rental__Victoria__2009© Arthur Meyerson. Motor Scooter Rental, Victoria, 2009.

7. Red_Car__Havana__2012© Arthur Meyerson. Red Car, Havana, 2012.

8. Rice_Planting_Festival__Kyoto__1984

© Arthur Meyerson. Rice Planting Festival, Kyoto, 1984.

9. White_Sands__New_Mexico__1995

© Arthur Meyerson. White Sands, New Mexico, 1995.

10. Detour__Albuquerque__2011

© Arthur Meyerson. Detour, Albuquerque, 2011.

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  1. I’ve been following your work since the mid 80’s when I first saw some of your commercial stuff in Communication Arts. Always tasty! Good luck with book sales, I’m ordering one right now!

  2. As I stated, this is a continual work in progress and it’s nice to know that the work resonates with so many people on different levels. In my mind, this is what we try to do as photographers. My sincere thanks to all of you for your comments!

  3. Your work has so much meat on the bone….the eye can just dance around in there. These are the kind of images that you don’t get tired of viewing. Great work and variety! Thanks for sharing!

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