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Port of Entry

Port of Entry


© Gabriele Stabile

For refugees who are being resettled in the United States from countries all over the world, their first experience here often involves a night in an airport hotel in cities like New York, Newark, Chicago, Miami or Los Angeles. As a long-term project, photojournalist Gabriele Stabile and reporter Juliet Linderman photographed refugees in their hotel rooms as they passed their first hours in the United States, and recorded their stories. Then last year Stabile and Linderman reinterviewed and rephotographed the refugees in order to tell the story of how they have settled in their new communities.

The result of that work is gathered in Refugee Hotel, their new book published as part of Voice of Witness, the non-profit book series founded by writer Dave Eggers, which publishes works that address the impact of social injustice through the use of oral histories.

“Just as the banks of Ellis Island once served as the gateway to America for millions of European immigrants, these hotels serve as a gateway to a new, unfamiliar life for refugees in the 21st century,” write Stabile and Linderman in their introduction to the book.

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