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Portrait of an Artist as a Suit-and-Tie Man (9 Photos)

Portrait of an Artist as a Suit-and-Tie Man (9 Photos)

© Stephen Sheffield. Stephen Sheffield, Ascent (Ladder #34), 2009

Boston-based photographer Stephen Sheffield has made a career out of creating dynamic self-portraits dressed in a suit and wearing a chapeau – his ode to the everyday man.  The work might be mistaken for a series inspired by the AMC drama Mad Men, but Sheffield has been at it for 20 years–long before the show hit the airwaves.  His images play out like stories, depicting both everyday and unusual events, and infused with Sheffield’s dark sense of humor. -courtesy Panopticon Gallery

More of his work can be seen in Stephen Sheffield: Image Maker through January 8th at Panopticon Gallery in Boston.


© Stephen Sheffield. Stephen Sheffield, Smoke, Shake, Shame (tryptic), 2008


Stephen Sheffield, Filter, 2010


 Stephen Sheffield, Dirty Work, 2012


Stephen Sheffield, Equilibrium, 2012



Stephen Sheffield, Savior, 2012


Stephen Sheffield, Monument, 2011


 Stephen Sheffield, Father and Son, 2010

Stephen Sheffield, His Roster, 2010

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