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Russian Visionaries. Into the Light (4 photos)

Russian Visionaries. Into the Light (4 photos)

All photos © Kirill Nikitenko. Above: Alexei Navalny: Lawyer, Public Figure, Founder of “RosPil” Anti-Corruption Project.

Opening December 1 at the 25CPW gallery, is the exhibition “Russian Visionaries. Into the Light,” featuring portraits of contemporary Russian thought leaders alongside their written reflections on the country’s future, in anticipation of the December 4 Duma elections and next year’s presidential elections.

“Russian Visionaries. Into the Light” introduces to the American public, the nascent but growing Russian opposition movement in a stark and intimate way. Austere black and white portraits taken by renowned photographer Kirill Nikitenko show the gripping gaze of prominent writers, actors, politicians and activists, brought together for this unique exhibit by Elena Khodorkovskaya, curator and former wife of political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Until she created this project, there was no single platform that united oppositional thinkers of so many different backgrounds and professions. This exhibition, on view until December 12th, is brought to the American public by Institute of Modern Russia President Pavel Khodorkovsky, Photographer Kirill Nikitenko, Curator Elena Khodorkovskaya, and 25CPW Founder and Director Bess Greenberg.

 Lyudmila Alekseeva – Human Rights Activist, Chairperson of Moscow Helsinki Group

 Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Writer

 Multiple world chess champion, politician and public figure


  1. You can achive this through on one software also in their focus plug in, in fact it looks like it has been by the halo on the shoulders, the only reason I say this is I get the same results but tend to fix the hallows, also lens blur will exaggerate the effect even more. I like the shots.

  2. Superb portraits, the sharpening of the eyes works really well in black and white. Quite often in colour it looks a bit too fake.

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