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Portraits of William Eggleston (4 photos)

Portraits of William Eggleston (4 photos)

© Wilmar Koenig. Above: William Eggleston with son and friend, 1990, Memphis, 50×60 cm, Ed. of 15.

In the 1970s Wilmar Koenig made his name among the pioneers of fine-art color photography in Germany and, over the years, went on many trips with the American photographer William Eggleston. Those trips generated images of mutual inspiration, as well as a friendship between the two that dates back over twenty years. They visited one another in their respective countries regularly, during which times they’d go on frequent photo excursions. These images are currently on view at Photo Edition Berlin.

 William Eggleston, Tennessee, 1991

 William Eggleston, Tennessee, 1984.

 William Eggleston smoking, 1990

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