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Outcasts, Innocents and Rebel Girls

Thanks to its famous musicians and cultural movements, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest often conjure skewed visions in the minds of outsiders, ideas based on mass media (mis)interpretations and long-perpetuated clichés. When a fringe music or art scene suddenly gains widespread recognition—as bands like Nirvana, and the Riot GRRRL movement did in the Northwest—a struggle […]

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© Deana Lawson/Courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
Deana Lawson’s “Mama Goma, Gemena, DR Congo,” 2014, from her show at The Art Institute of Chicago. © Deana Lawson/Courtesy of Rhona Hoffma...

Deana Lawson’s Intimate Myths

October 15, 2015 Fine Art
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