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An Encyclopedia of Norwegian Photographers

In 2017, artist Ina Otzko began presenting images by one new photographer every day for 100 days on the 100 Norwegian Photographers website. Her goal was to showcase photographers with diverse backgrounds from all regions of Norway. When the 100th photographer was posted in April 2018, “the website stood as a monument to the project, an encyclopedia of Norwegian photographers,” writes Otzko. The next logical step was a book.

Released in October 2019, the book 100 Norwegian Photographers (Hatje Cantz), features images by the same 100 internationally renowned and emerging voices that were published on the website. Otzko says it wasn’t difficult to find enough talented photographers: The challenge was narrowing it down to only 100.

“The main focus of the selection process was to compile a representation of what is happening in Norwegian photography, focusing on living photographers working in various genres,” writes Otzko on the site.

The youngest photographer featured in the book is Eivind Hansen, born in 1992. The oldest is Johan Brun, born 1922. Well known names on the list include Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen, Annemor Larsen and Crispin Gurholt. The photographers’ work is made locally and internationally. There are images from long-term projects and one-day assignments, others follow a specific group or theme. 

“The different and unique processes and voices we have make Norwegian photography diverse, exciting, challenging, interesting and highly relevant in the development of Norway’s identity—who and where we are in the world,” writes Otzka.

As a whole, 100 Norwegian Photographers unites landscapes, portraits, conceptual, news, fashion and vernacular photography. The book’s images provide a sweeping overview of the slightly mysterious Nordic country, inviting viewers to behold its glaciers, fjords, coastline and mountains, as well as the people who extend their wit, poetry, politics and brilliant peculiarities to their country.

You can follow the project on social media using the hashtags: #100norwegianphotographers #100norphotographers #100norphoto

100 Norwegian Photographers
Edited by Ina Otzko
Hatje Cantz, 2019

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