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Courtesy Getty Research Institute.
Temple of Baalshamin, Palmyra, Syria, albumen print, 1864 (negative by Louis Vignes, photograph printed by Charles Nègre). The temple has been reported destroyed since ISIS forces took control of the site in May. Courtesy Getty Research Institute.

Disappearing Syrian Ruins Preserved in Photos

October 7, 2015
© Iwan Baan/Courtesy The Monacelli Press
Manhattan. Sylvan Terrace, Albert Robinson Jr., 1883, Jumel Terrace Historic District, designated 1970. © Iwan Baan/Courtesy The Monacelli Press

Landmark Status

July 20, 2015
Courtesy Gary Edwards Gallery.
Atom Bomb test "Operation Crossroads, Test Able" Bikini Atoll, July 1946, 13 x 19 inches. Courtesy Gary Edwards Gallery.

Going Nuclear

April 17, 2015
© Willi Ruge/Courtesy MoMA, Thomas Walther Collection
"Seconds before Landing" from the series "I Photograph Myself during a Parachute Jump," 1931. © Willi Ruge/Courtesy MoMA, Thomas Walther Collection

Photography’s Second Big Moment

March 6, 2015
© Jack Mitchell/Courtesy Smithsonian Institution
"Revelations - Opening Section of "Pilgrim of Sorrow" danced to "I Been 'Buked," 1961, printed ca. 1992 by Jack Mitchell from Double Exposure: Through the African American Lens. © Jack Mitchell/Courtesy Smithsonian Institution

African American Narratives

February 25, 2015
© Peter Dazeley
Crossness Main Pump Room. © Peter Dazeley

Unseen London

October 28, 2014
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