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© Kasia Strek / ITEM
In a post delivery ward of Fabella hospital women are advised to stay no longer than 24 hours, unless it is needed otherwise.The hospital managed to cut down by a half the number of daily deliveries concentrating mostly on complicated cases, but there is still no place for everyone. Sometimes even 4 women will share one bed and due to the lack of sufficient number of nurses or midwifes, more experienced mothers will advise newcomers on breastfeeding and caring for they newborns. Manila, Philippines, April 2017

The Price of Choice

September 3, 2019 Documentary/Photojournalism
Raghunath Manwar examines an X-ray of one of several workers who has been diagnosed with asbestosis in Ahmedabad, India. Raghunath is the secretary of an NGO, the Occupational Health and Safety Association, that assists employees affected by asbestos from a power-generating company and a cement factory. From the book A Field Guide to Asbestos (Yoffy Press 2019). Image: © Louie Palu/ZUMA Press

The Devastation of Asbestos by Louie Palu

May 13, 2019 Documentary/Photojournalism
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