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© National Geographic Creative Archives
George Shiras, "Fawn, Whitefish River, Michigan," circa 1893-1898. © National Geographic Creative Archives

In the Heart of the Night

November 20, 2015
© Stacy Bass
Meditation garden, from Gardens at First Light. © Stacy Bass

Flowering Gardens

May 28, 2015
© Abbey Hepner
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) 1. Uranotype, 2014. Carlsbad New Mexico, the nation's only geological repository for radioactive waste. © Abbey Hepner

Radioactive Prints

May 22, 2015
© Victor Landweber/Courtesy Norton Simon Museum
"Auduboniana: Passenger Pigeon, Federal Building," Oakland, CA, 1998. © Victor Landweber/Courtesy Norton Simon Museum

Where Nature and Humankind Meet

May 13, 2015
© Eric Schmidt/Wise River Productions
From one of my all-time favorite assignments. This image ended up being used on the cover of a brochure that was produced for The Sea Island Resort in Georgia. The final piece was created by The Designory in California. © Eric Schmidt/Wise River Productions

Big Fish, Small Pond

March 4, 2015
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