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© Thomas P. Peschak/Courtesy The University of Chicago Press
In remote locations like Aldabra Atoll, sharks are abundant. They congregate in schools of 100 and can be encountered in water that is often only a few inches deep. © Thomas P. Peschak/Courtesy The University of Chicago Press

Sharks and People: Exploring The Relationship Betw...

June 18, 2014
© Traer Scott
"Gazelle," from "Natural History." © Traer Scott

Natural History

May 28, 2014
© Dustin Fenstermacher/Courtesy Quirk Books
from "How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity." © Dustin Fenstermacher/Courtesy Quirk Books

From Tabby to Fabby

May 16, 2014
© Vincent J. Musi
A Burmese python entwines Albert Killian in the Florida home he shares with 60 snakes. Tags noting the proper antivenom—and the nearest hospital that carries it—are posted next to venomous pets. © Vincent J. Musi

To Own or Not to Own Exotic Pets

April 30, 2014
© Jo-Anne McArthur
Appolinaire Ndohoudou and Pikin, Ape Action Africa, Cameroon, 2009. Many baby apes are orphaned when their mothers are killed for bushmeat. Pikin, a juvenile gorilla, was rescued and is cared for by Ape Action Africa. © Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals

February 28, 2014
© Lara Jo Regan
From "Dogs in Cars" © Lara Jo Regan

Dogs in Cars

February 4, 2014
© Perttu Saksa
Untitled, 130x160cm, Diasec, Edition 5 + 2 a.p © Perttu Saksa

Monkey Masters

November 29, 2013
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