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South Koreans on Holiday

Better Days, a solo exhibition featuring work by Korean artist Seunggu Kim, looks at Korean spectacles and the way the people of South Korea enjoy their leisure time. Through photography, Kim “describes how we have acclimated to the social ironies of our times,” states Filter Photo, where Kim’s work is on view through September 14.

South Korea has developed rapidly over the past four decades, leading to social incongruities, such as the constant interplay between natural and unnatural elements in urban areas. Another irony of this new development is long working hours with short periods of rest and recuperation. During vacations and holidays, city dwellers spend most of their time visiting tourist destinations in nearby urban areas. As a result, the leisure places around Seoul and the surrounding suburbs try to entertain their customers with increasing degrees of novelty. This novelty often results in a blend of western and Korean cultures, which Kim highlights in his work.

Kim will give an artist talk at the closing reception on September 6th.

Better Days
Seunggu Kim
Filter Photo
August 16 – September 14
Closing Reception: September 6, 6 – 9 pm

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