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The Eyes of Pop Culture

Eyes hold an infinite number of possibilities. A smoldering stare can stop time. An arched brow can cue intrigue or surprise. These “windows to the soul,” as they are commonly known, convey moments of beauty, discovery, and adventure.

Best-selling author Alice Harris continues her series of uniquely themed art books with a collection of images featuring eyes. Some are brushed in bright shades of shadow, some peer from behind a camera, and some are painted on walls or made from paper.  I Only Have Eyes For You (powerHouse Books, May 2019) is full of color and black-and-white photographs of gazes and glances that span the silver screen and the world stage, including several images that premiered in VogueLIFE, and Harper’s Bazaar

I Only Have Eyes For You features works by Picasso, da Vinci, Magritte, Man Ray, Warhol, Lichtenstein, among other acclaimed artists. Rare portraits of stars Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Faye Dunaway evoke timeless glamour and style while leading men like Clark Gable, George Clooney, Michael Douglas, and “Ol’ Blue Eyes” himself Frank Sinatra, bring magnetism to the page. 

“Through the work of groundbreaking visual artists and trendsetting provocateurs, I Only Have Eyes For You reveals the power of eyes to shape our world,” writes powerHouse.

All royalties from I Only Have Eyes For You will go to the East Hampton Library.

I Only Have Eyes For You
By Alice Harris
powerHouse Books

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